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topic posted Tue, October 4, 2005 - 10:13 PM by  Cathi
So, I just finished watching a part of the Jay Leno show. I was busy and didn't turn the channel. lol

He found and shared several items that were found on eBay during the time his celebrity bike was being auctioned off. Which went for 1/2 million! He kept saying he swore it was true, you can't make up these kind of things.

I tried to check for pictures on eBay but seeing as the auctions have already ended the pictures are no longer available. Are you ready for some of these. I'll tell you at end if they were sold or not. If they were I'll also share the ending bid.

~Ultimate Hippie Vacation~ (it was a old school bus painted and ready for a road trip. The driver was a cousin to the people who put up the auction. He looks like he has been stoned since 2nd grade lol) Starting Bid 99¢ Sold or Not Sold?

~Knight Rider - Orginal Kitt Car (used for outside pics & driven by David H. himself) ~ Starting Bid $1.99 Sold or Not Sold? (also you have no idea where your trip may take you)

~Jay Leno Unofficial sock puppet~ (no way to discribe exept weird, the hair on top was white with a little black blob in the front fits him perfect) Starting Bid .01¢ Sold or Not Sold?

~God created Joey Lawrence Key Chain~ A picture of a shirtless Joey on one side of the key chain. The other side has the words On the Eighth day God created Joey Lawrence) Starting Bid $8.50 Sold or Not Sold?

~Benjamin Franklin Commode Chair~ (looks like a regulair antique chair until you remove the cushion and see there really is a hole in the base of the seat. Starting Bid $50,000 Sold or Not Sold?

~Jesus Christ Rookie Card~ (looks like a baseball card kinda sipia toned) Starting Bid $2.99 Sold or Not Sold?

~Bizarre Tanned Frog change purse - Real Frog~ (one comment... REAL FROG) Starting Bid $9.00 Sold or Not Sold?

and last but not least:

~Wonderful and lovely turquoise double elephant statue~ (ps...the elephants are in a "situation" think making babies)
Starting Bid $1.74. Sold or Not Sold?

On to Sold or Not. Are you ready? Feel the excitment in the air. Ok, it really is time for bed. ;)
*Hippie Vacation~ Starting Bid 99¢ SOLD $6,100

*Knight Rider - Orginal Kitt Car~ Starting Bid $1.99 SOLD $22,995.81 - 77 bids

*Jay Leno Unofficial sock puppet~ Starting Bid .01¢ SOLD .01¢ 1 bid

*~God created Joey Lawrence Key Chain~ Starting Bid $8.50
SOLD $8.50 - 1 bid

*~Benjamin Franklin Commode Chair~ Starting Bid $50,000 Sold - NOPE, no sale

*~Jesus Christ Rookie Card~ Starting Bid $2.99 SOLD $71.04

*~Bizarre Tanned Frog change purse - Real Frog~ Starting Bid $9.00 SOLD $26.00

*~Wonderful and lovely turquoise double elephant statue~
Starting Bid $1.74. Sold - NADA nope, Not even 1 bid, Imagine that. ;-Þ

Well know your life is as complete as mine. :-Þ
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  • Ladyq777 & her storehouseofblessings Ebay store has some interesting but really crazy items up for bid. Especially questionable items to me are -- 1)200019734244 (You can purchase a chance to get one $100 bill -- So far the bid is up to $91 plus s/h. Oh - this bid was up to $97 yesterday but guess someone didn't want their blessing!! Now, would you want to pay $97 plus s/h just for a chance to receive a $100 bill! 2)5674611770 (For a starting out price of $5 you can purchase a chance to receive Psalms against evil & a prayer (to be sent to the widding bidder via email) -- & 3)200014519048 (For a starting bid of $5 you can purchase a prayer & a 3 page email on How to recognize spiritual communication. Anyway -- I thought I'd post these on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, but couldn't figure out how to do that -- so am posting them here instead. Your thoughts?
  • Here's a blog that I found several years ago, "Who Would Buy That." Every posting on this blog is something weird found on eBay

    It usually has some really funny stuff on there. And some stuff that you just have to wonder about, not only about the product, but about the seller too.

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